St George Church, Surfgevork in Armenian, is located at the beginning of Samghebro Street near Vakhtang Gorgasali Square. The church is famous under the name of Tsikhisdidi. This name was given to it due to its location. In the Middle Ages this territory belonged to the prison district and that was why the church was called the big church of the prison (Tsikhe in Georgian means prison and didi – big). The church stands on a specially elevated platform. Stone stairs go up to it from the street. The first church on this place was built in 1251 by Armenian merchant Umek. In 1616 Persian Shah Abas I handed the church over to the Persian garrison; in 1748 King Erekle II returned the church to Armenians. In 1795 the church was burnt by Persians during Tbilisi raid. The building was repaired several times in XIX-XX centuries.
Domed church has been built from bricks and is a cupelhale type building. There are XIX century frescos inside the church. Iconostasis set in front of the altar is of the same period. There is a fragment of XIII century Arabian Khachkar in the north façade. There is a tomb of the famous poet Sayatnova in the right of the main entrance door. Sayatnova died during Persian invasion in 1795. 
Surfgevork is Armenian Church functioning at present in Tbilisi.