Blue Monastery, a famous church located in Vera district, L. Kiacheli street, a few steps from the Vera Park. St. Andria the First church was called Blue Monastery for its dome decorated with blue tiles.  The dome of the “inscribed cross” type church was built at the end of the 12th century. There is a constructional inscription remained in the timpani of the South entrance. 
Damaged and reconstructed many times, the church contains construction layers of different times. Only the lower parts, inscriptions of the walls and initial planning are maintained from the original building.
In the course of 19th-20th centuries, the church often changed its function. It even served as a museum of medical history once. In 1990s, the church regained its main function and liturgy-prayers revived. The interior was repainted and a church tower was built in the yard.
Accordingly to the legend, in as early as VII century, St. John the Theologian church was located on this very place. In 1898-1901, in the south side of the Blue Monastery, Golitsin, viceroy of the Caucasus initiated building of St. John the Teologian Church, which repeats architectural forms of Russian churches of that period.